• Artist: Living Tales
  • Release Date: 2020-03-03
  • Genre: Progressive and symphonic metal
  • Produced By: Living Tales


Who recorded the album:

Silvia Bellora – Vocals

Luis Oliveira – Guitar

João Carneiro – Bass

Pedro Barbosa – Drums

Paulo Silva – Keyboards

Ricardo Carvalho – Guitar



Worldofmetalmag.com – 9.3/10

2020 – Author Edition

“And here it is, Living Tales’ second album. Overall first impression, great sound, excellent production – although sometimes the sound may sound a bit too compressed. But let’s go to the music itself. All the good indications of the debut album were materialized here. More powerful sound but also more complex music. The band is more mature in its approach to both styles, although now it is possible to notice an increase of the progressive front, with more space for the instrumental part – if there are any doubts, listen to the beautiful instrumental “Delusional Mind”, a delight for the ears. Much higher than its predecessor and an excellent album that deserves to take the band to an higher level.”



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